The Invisible Symbol

The ‘Invisible Symbol’ is an ancient symbol that has been embedded subliminally at a compositional level into every single piece of promotional artwork produced for the film and television industries. In its modern context the symbol has been traced back 110 years, to the very origins of the global film-making industry.

The findings presented on this site clearly signify that every major filmmaker (director/writer/producer) and studio are controlled by and members of this ubiquitous solar cult; whose ancient mythology is at the very core of each of their works. Ever wondered why every film fundamentally tells the same story? (Light vs Dark/Good vs Evil = Ra vs Apep/Horus vs Set)

It’s time for a new story, a new mythology…


Hollywood Subliminals (Film Site)

LOST Solved – The Complete Occult Deconstruction

>: 4-8-15-16-23-42 [EXECUTE] – LOST Solved

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Detailed information on The Island, The Others, DHARMA Initiative, and decoded information on over 450 LOST characters.